Laybond's is committed to offering industry-leading services in various areas such as Heavy Fabrication, General Fabrication, Pipe Fabrication and Structural Fabrication to our clients.


Mild Steel Storage Tanks are used for many applications in HSD, Furnace Oil, LDO and Petroleum etc., our range of tanks are designed and constructed in accordance with all International codes and standards.


Stainless Steel Storage Tanks are used in many configurations which depend upon functional requirements. These functional requirements include operating temperature, storage substance etc.., Stainless steel storage tank is required in applications when the storage substance or environment is caustic or minimal contamination is required.

Laybond is known for various types of Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Equipment in various capacities and sizes of Dust Collectors, Extraction vessels, Agitator Vessels, Mixing and Reaction Vessels for various applications.

Aside from that, Laybond fabricates all types of structures like base frames, skids, chimneys, Scrubbers, Industrial Blowers , Dampers, ducting, Utility Pipelines and Fittings etc..,



Laybond's agitators include top, side, and bottom entering units for use in a variety of applications from small pilot scale to large production units. Products include right angle and parallel shaft units, gear reduced, direct drive, and air driven designs. Agitators can be mounted on beams/channels, clamp mounted to the tank side, or flange mounted to the vessel with a variety of sealing options.

We supply a range of models suitable for a variety of applications including - blending light viscous liquid as well as re-suspension of settled solids and dissolution of powders.

We offer FRP, or Thermoplastic such as PP, PVC, and HDPE lined agitators that are used as components for reaction vessels. These can be custom-built as per our client’s requirements


Laybond is a reliable manufacturer of FRP canopies, FRP instrumentation canopies, motor guard canopies, and PA system canopies in numerous specifications. The range of canopy products is water resistant, durable, anti-rust, easy to maintain, built in paint, and cost effective. Every profile is manufactured with resin matrix and fibre reinforcement to get utilized by diverse industrial clients.

FRP canopies are available for all types, makes of motors both for horizontal (B 3 mounting) and vertical (V 1) mounting. Frame size 71 M to 630 M and also for HT/LT motors.

FRP Motor Guards are light in weight, easy to handle and not affected by any corrosive chemicals or heavy rains. Also not affected by ultra violet rays of sunlight on prolong outdoor use.


Workshop Fabrication
On-site Fabrication, Installation and Erection