Scrubbing Systems

Laybond Provides acid gas scrubbers to a wide variety of industries. Laybond carry out the Designing, Fabrication and Installation of Scrubbers exactly as per the Client’s requirements and as per Industrial Standards.

Laybond Manufactures Duct work and Fume Stacks Up to 2000 mm and Larger Diameters, to your Specifications and may be made Fire-Retardant and / or Heat Resistant, to Withstand High Temperatures.

Laybond also manufactures proprietary Flow control Dampers and Isolation Dampers for a wide range of Fume Extraction Applications.

Scrubbers are used to remove water-soluble gases and vapours, as well as particulates and aerosols. Gases are scrubbed by the process of diffusion constrained by vapour-liquid equilibrium. Particulates are scrubbed by the mechanical processes of impaction and interception, which are dependent on the size and speed of the particles relative to the size and speed of a target, such as a water droplet or wetted surface.

Often, gases that are rather insoluble in water may still be reduced using a wet scrubber by adding chemicals to the water to react with the insoluble gas, converting it to a component with greater solubility. This process is known as chemical reaction assisted gas absorption. Wet scrubbers used to carry out this process are simply called “chemical scrubbers.” Regardless of the application, the gas and water streams must be brought into intimate turbulent contact with one another.

Laybond incorporates a variety of contacting methods, including random and structured packed beds, sieve trays, water jets, venturis, spray chambers, and fine bubble diffusion.



• 1,500 through 70,000 cfm


• 5˝ through 9˝ w.c.


• Particulate removal: 2 microns and above from 97 to over 99.9%
• Water soluble gases up to 98%

Fume scrubbers generally incorporate nominal packed beds. They may use recycled water or water with a chemical additive such as sodium hydroxide. They are available in vertical counter flow or horizontal cross flow configuration. Fume Scrubbing Systems are fabricated from high-strength, corrosion-resistant, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) and Dual Laminated Plastics such as PVC, CPVC and polypropylene in accordance with the latest ASTM and product standards.

Laybond has manufactured its Products using a wide variety of existing resin materials to meet our customers exacting specifications. Our current thermoset resin systems include Polyester, Bisphenol and Vinyl Ester. Where FRP will not work, dual laminate Products can, in many instances, serve well.

Dual laminate is a hybrid system made of FRP structure outside and specialized thermoplastic liner inside. The liner is matched to specific chemical requirements to optimize longevity including the ability to withstand high temperature requirements and abrasion resistance.

Dual laminated Tanks and Equipments are manufactured with a durable fibreglass composite matrix exterior for mechanical strength. The corrosion resistant thermoplastic interior offers exceptional service against dangerous and hazardous chemistry. It offers superior resistance to leaching agents, chemical attack as well as high purity process capabilities.

Dual Laminate

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