Corrosion Proof Linings

Corrosion to steel and concrete surfaces - caused by acids, caustics, or other aggressive chemicals - results in costly repairs, replacement, and production downtime every year. Much of this cost can be avoided with the proper selection and application of corrosion-resistant coatings or linings.

Laybond is an experienced supplier and applicator of high-performance coatings and lining systems for the protection and restoration of tanks, vessels, silos, pipes, and other steel and concrete structures. Having built long-term relationships with some of the world's leading corrosion-control product manufacturers, we are able to recommend and supply the best solution for a wide variety of applications. Linings and Coatings are available to handle some of the most severe and demanding industrial process or storage tank applications.

Laybond technicians are fully trained and equipped to provide a “turnkey” installation. From abrasive blast preparation, through skilled application of the lining product, to completion and testing of the finished system.

Our experience and skilled workforce will ensure as smooth an operation on your site as possible. We work fast. We work as a team and in full co-operation with your production department. Our fibreglass technicians studiously stick to on-site company rules, with health and safety regulations and industry best practice methods.


Thick-film FRP lining systems are an important alternative to replacing steel tank bottoms to mitigate internal and even external corrosion. Based on numerous applications over the decades, these systems have a proven history of successful performance.


• FRP linings with vinyl ester resin systems can resist numerous corrosive cargoes at elevated temperatures.

• FRP linings cost less than replacing existing steel tank bottoms.

• Since FRP linings can be installed more quickly, they minimize down time, so the tank can be placed back into service much sooner than it could with conventional tank linings or bottom replacement with new steel.

• In many installations, FRP linings have a 35-plus year history of service.

Laybond has manufactured its Products using a wide variety of existing resin materials to meet our customers exacting specifications. Our current thermoset resin systems include Polyester, Bisphenol and Vinyl Ester. Where FRP will not work, dual laminate Products can, in many instances, serve well.

Dual laminate is a hybrid system made of FRP structure outside and specialized thermoplastic liner inside. The liner is matched to specific chemical requirements to optimize longevity including the ability to withstand high temperature requirements and abrasion resistance.

Dual laminated Tanks and Equipments are manufactured with a durable fibreglass composite matrix exterior for mechanical strength. The corrosion resistant thermoplastic interior offers exceptional service against dangerous and hazardous chemistry. It offers superior resistance to leaching agents, chemical attack as well as high purity process capabilities.

Dual Laminate

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